International Growth


By taking an integrated approach we ensure that strategy, people, operations and finance are linked seamlessly. This results in tangible and sustainable benefits, that are generated in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner. At GEMAST our team will work closely with you to create a bespoke strategy aligned specifically to your organisation's strengths to maximise the probability of long-term success. Most importantly we hit the ground running and speak the language of our clients from day one, facilitating rapid integration into your organisation.


Il nostro obiettivo è quello di adottare un approccio integrato, in questo modo siamo sicuri che strategia, management, operations e finanza, lavoreranno in sinergia, strettamente collegati tra di loro, il tutto alfine di portare un vantaggio reale, misurabile e che si possa toccare con mano.


We immerse ourselves in a client's business, working alongside them in small, senior teams dedicated to helping them identify issues, design solutions and achieve their goals. We help clients define the future vision for their business and plan and support the journey to achieve this.


Studiamo l'idea del cliente e valutiamo il suo business; mettiamo a disposizione il nostro team di alto livello, che sarà in grado di identificare eventuali problemi e proporre valide soluzioni per raggiungere ogni obiettivo.


La nostra è una società di consulenza, nata per aiutare i clienti nella realizzazione di nuove strategie, sviluppando persino opportunità di business, unendo capacità innovative, per raggiungere una crescita costante. Uniamo creatività e rigore commerciale per andare a ricreare un valore economico reale, che chiunque potrà toccare con mano; abbiamo una missione ben chiara, ovvero quella di trasformare benefici in rendimenti reali.

Risk Management

There are no risk-free organisations. But organisations can be prepared. Here at GEMAST we know that thinking about risks requires lot of energy and time, with detrimental effects on the creative process of improving the business. That is why we help businesses and entrepreneurs to lift the burden of risk management by providing the adequate support and the tools to implement the best risk management strategy.


Grazie alla grande esperienza sviluppata nel corso di tanti diversi progetti siamo in grado di fornire assistenza continua nel vostro percorso di crescita internazionale, partendo proprio dalla creazione di un business case, fino ad arrivare ad una fase in cui la vostra organizzazione sarà controllata e pronta per intraprendere il lungo percorso che abbiamo stabilito assieme.


With its varied and broad experience, GEMAST is able to assist you along every step of your journey of international growth. Starting out from business case creation, through to ensuring that your organisation is fully prepared for the transformation that lies ahead.

With its varied and broad experience, GEMAST is able to assist you along every step of your journey of international growth. Starting out from business case creation, through to ensuring that your organisation is fully prepared for the transformation that lies ahead.

Alongside this, we are able to conduct thorough market research, which will incorporate a current overview of the environment and target market. This also takes into consideration the current competition and existing and upcoming products and services.

Additionally, we will support you to adapt and define your strategy to align with the local cultural requirements and legislative and business standards. At GEMAST we are there by your side every step of the way.

Business Case Support

At GEMAST we will work with you to clearly articulate the business case for expanding abroad. Together we will work to create a specific plan detailing not only where and how you want to expand but also clearly stating the underlying reasoning. We will ensure that the growth strategy is managed in a detailed and comprehensive manner and that all risks and potential opportunities are managed and exploited to the fullest. This will result in the development of a tailored market entry strategy and help to manage the expectations of all major stakeholders.

Preparation for Change

At GEMAST we have delivered international growth for numerous clients. We have always recognised the importance of creating a stable environment for organisations during the transformation period to ensure that business can operate as usual. We, therefore, work closely with you to help define ambitious and achievable goals by supporting you to navigate through literally hundreds of unknown variables. We prepare you by ensuring that the growth strategy does not underestimate the necessary resources and time needed. Ultimately we maximise your profitability and probability of creating successful and long-term change.

Market Research

Entering a new geography and foreign market can be a daunting, challenging & complex. At GEMAST we can fully support you by conducting a thorough in-depth market research. This can range from providing an understanding of the competition, local requirements, the customers’ preferred way to engage in business alongside cultural norms and sensitivities. Importantly we can also help you to have an understanding of the legal and business framework in your target market to minimise the risk of costly surprises.

Understand the local culture and the implications on your business

We might be a global economy these days, but people do ‘local’ business. People prefer to interact in their own language, conduct transactions through their local payment services, receive support during their normal business hours and work with products, which serve local business requirements. At GEMAST we can ensure that all these aspects are taking into consideration when your expansion plans are created. On your behalf we can engage with your potential customers and strive to understand their culture – how do they like to do business, what will make them select your product or service, what they love and hate about the existing local solutions.

Guide you through the transformation journey one step at a time

International growth generally fails for one of two reasons: 1. Poor preparation and/or 2. Weak execution. Time and time again companies try to do everything at once – often inspired by the pressure from the marketplace to be fast. As important as it is to be quick to market, it proves to be even more important to do things right and in the right order. Our experiences have proven to us that you will not win any sustainable business if your international operations grow through excellent marketing & sales, while your new customers do not receive adequate support in their own language and time zone. We can fully support you one step at a time to allow your organisation to grow at an accelerated and manageable pace. This approach further reinforces and maximises your chances of delivering successful profitable growth.