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By taking an integrated approach we ensure that strategy, people, operations and finance are linked seamlessly. This results in tangible and sustainable benefits, that are generated in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner. At GEMAST our team will work closely with you to create a bespoke strategy aligned specifically to your organisation's strengths to maximise the probability of long-term success. Most importantly we hit the ground running and speak the language of our clients from day one, facilitating rapid integration into your organisation.


Il nostro obiettivo è quello di adottare un approccio integrato, in questo modo siamo sicuri che strategia, management, operations e finanza, lavoreranno in sinergia, strettamente collegati tra di loro, il tutto alfine di portare un vantaggio reale, misurabile e che si possa toccare con mano.


We immerse ourselves in a client's business, working alongside them in small, senior teams dedicated to helping them identify issues, design solutions and achieve their goals. We help clients define the future vision for their business and plan and support the journey to achieve this.


Studiamo l'idea del cliente e valutiamo il suo business; mettiamo a disposizione il nostro team di alto livello, che sarà in grado di identificare eventuali problemi e proporre valide soluzioni per raggiungere ogni obiettivo.


La nostra è una società di consulenza, nata per aiutare i clienti nella realizzazione di nuove strategie, sviluppando persino opportunità di business, unendo capacità innovative, per raggiungere una crescita costante. Uniamo creatività e rigore commerciale per andare a ricreare un valore economico reale, che chiunque potrà toccare con mano; abbiamo una missione ben chiara, ovvero quella di trasformare benefici in rendimenti reali.

Risk Management

There are no risk-free organisations. But organisations can be prepared. Here at GEMAST we know that thinking about risks requires lot of energy and time, with detrimental effects on the creative process of improving the business. That is why we help businesses and entrepreneurs to lift the burden of risk management by providing the adequate support and the tools to implement the best risk management strategy.


Grazie alla grande esperienza sviluppata nel corso di tanti diversi progetti siamo in grado di fornire assistenza continua nel vostro percorso di crescita internazionale, partendo proprio dalla creazione di un business case, fino ad arrivare ad una fase in cui la vostra organizzazione sarà controllata e pronta per intraprendere il lungo percorso che abbiamo stabilito assieme.


With its varied and broad experience, GEMAST is able to assist you along every step of your journey of international growth. Starting out from business case creation, through to ensuring that your organisation is fully prepared for the transformation that lies ahead.

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We are currently searching for an IOT Manager that will join us on a permanent basis.

Please send your resume and cover letter using our Careers form or send an email at

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GEMAST is assisting one of its Top Clients with a project involving in the IOT – Internet of Things environment and we are now looking for an enthusiastic IOT Manager.
This is a full-time position, based in our Italian office in Brescia.

The role of the IOT Manager:

• Understand the capability of the Client platform technology stack, experienced in major technology and open sourced platforms, with ability to deliver enterprise solutions architecture and design
• Manage the deliverables of all projects, including costs, resources, and vendors
• Drive and increase the adoption of the Client platform in various key industry sectors.
• Architect efficient solutions for clients
• Seek new and improved hardware appropriate for integration into Client platform
• Take a pro-active approach in identifying potential problems, recommend and implement the pre-emptive measures before the problem arises
• Keep abreast of any latest technology and industry trends, and any updates in statutory rulings

The profile of the ICO Project Manager:

• Proven experience in IOT Project
• Proven experience in Machine Learning is a plus
• Excellent communication skills in English
• Excellent communication skills in Spanish is a plus
• Digital Marketing experience is advantageous
• Results driven